Are you facing the need to enter a Honda radio code into your radio lock? If you are in this situation, don’t worry at all because there is a free solution by getting a Honda radio code by VIN. But before we get to that free solution, let’s first take a common-sense look at the whole situation and all the potential solutions! We are here to help and guide you through the process of rewiring your Honda radio. From the start, you should know all potential solutions! For all of them, you have all the necessary information below on the page! They apply to all models of Honda vehicles and their radio devices!

Honda radio code

A Honda radio code is a five-digit combination that is unique to each Honda radio device. In this way, Honda radios are protected from illegal use by potential thieves who are willing to steal this device from your car and leave you without your original radio. That’s why this unique Honda code exists! To take the minds of people who steal things away from your radio device, because even if they steal the device they will not be able to use it. So why steal it then, right?

Honda radio code

When is the Honda safety software and system activated? The most common reason for the security system to activate the locked home screen on your Honda radio is disconnection from the electrical power source in your vehicle. Let any of the following reasons occur:

  • A problem with a wire connecting the radio to the battery.
  • Disconnecting the Honda radio unit due to repairs or relocation.
  • Complete battery change.
  • A problem with the electrical installation.

If any of the above reasons occur, then your radio device activates the Honda radio code security system. Your radio then asks you to enter the original code to activate it again. The problem is not a problem at all! It’s easy if you keep the complete documentation that you received when buying the car. Your code is written there and you can easily find it from there. But what if you don’t keep this documentation or you accidentally lost it?

Free Honda radio code by VIN

If you are in a situation where you do not have the original documentation available, then you do not need to worry. Here we will explain everything you need to know to get a free Honda radio code by VIN. All you have to do is follow the procedure described in a few simple steps below:

  1. Use the free Honda radio code calculator that works with the VIN (you must write down the unique VIN directly from your Honda car. It is usually found written on the right door of the car, but just in case you can check an online guide that is specific to your Honda type of car.
  2. Once you access the free online calculator, enter your VIN, zip code, phone number and your valid email address in the appropriate fields for each item individually.
  3. In the section “I need to retrieve the following code”, select Navigation code, radio code, or both.
  4. In the last place, you need to enter the serial code of the radio device (All mandatory fields must be filled with correct information about VIN combination and all others, to get correct and relevant information, otherwise you will not solve the problem).
  5. Finally, once you’ve double-checked all the data you’ve already entered on the free online Honda radio code calculator platform, press the “Submit” button.
Honda radio code by VIN calculator

How to find Honda VIN? Don’t worry because it’s easy! The image below will show you the right places where you should search for your VIN combination! It’s unique about your Honda vehicle!

How to find Honda VIN

You can visit the Honda radio code by VIN calculator from this link!

When you are done with the whole process of proving that you are the rightful owner of your radio, you are a few hours away from getting your unique Honda radio VIN code. If you submit the request on a working day, in a few hours you will receive a new message in your email containing your unique radio code.

How to enter the code

Once you receive the return email containing your Honda radio code, all that remains is to manually enter it into your locked device. When entering, you should use the buttons on the front of the device.

Example, if your code is 14365 you should:

  1. First, you press once on the button with the number 1, after which the letter C appears on the screen
  2. You press the button number 4 once, after which you see CO on the screen.
  3. One press of the button with number 3, after which you see COD on the screen
  4. Next, you press button number 6 once, after which the full word CODE is written on the screen.
  5. Finally, when you press the button with the number 5! Then your radio device will be unlocked! Finally, you can use it without any problem.

The video below can help you solve the problem of entering the Honda radio code more easily! Watch the video!

After unlocking, it remains to set the clock as well as some other primary settings. We only recommend that you memorize the Honda radio code that you received with the VIN. Do that because you will surely need it sometime in the future!

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