This is a guide to entering a Nissan Juke radio code! This guide will help you understand how to enter your radio code to unlock your locked radio device. This procedure will help you to continue using your radio device, thus extending its useful life. Some of you may be just one step away from trashing this kind of Nissan Juke radio unit with no hope of reusing it. Do not worry at all because you are still very far from such a procedure. Continue reading the text below!

Nissan Juke Radio Code

Procedure For Entering Nissan Juke Radio Code

The procedure for entering the Nissan Juke radio code is elaborated and explained to you in the video material below! Watch the video and test if you can use this method on your locked radio. Do not use the Nissan Juke code we use in the video just to explain the entry procedure. You should use your original Nissan Juke radio code that is compatible with your radio device.

If any part of the video makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to follow the steps from the text guide below!

  1. First turn on the Nissan Juke radio device.
  2. Start entering the first digit of the code by pressing the number 1 button. If the first digit of the Nissan Juke radio code is 7, then you need to press the number 1 button seven times in a row!
  3. Repeat the previous step to enter the second, third, and fourth digits of the code by pressing the number keys 2, 3, and 4 respectively.
  4. Once you have entered all the digits correctly, just press and hold the number 6 button for a few seconds.

Once you have completed the steps above (either following the video tutorial or following the text guide step by step), your Nissan Juke radio will be unlocked and you will be able to use it smoothly the same way you used to. before the device locks up and presents you with a locked display every time you try to turn it on.

Check the universal Nissan calculating possibilities!

Nissan Juke Radio Code Calculator

How To Find A Lost Code

A relatively bigger problem is if you don’t have accurate information about the correct arrangement of the digits that your code contains! In that situation, you have several potential workarounds that you can practice to get to your code that you may have accidentally lost. We suggest you follow one of the potential solutions below!

  • Buy your code from some of the top-rated sites that sell this kind of unlock code.
  • Use a free Nissan Juke radio code calculator that works based on the device’s serial number (write us a comment below if you want to get this kind of software).
  • Visit several mechanics who have experience working with Nissan vehicles and ask them for help.

Choose one of the above methods (the one that suits you best) and you will surely get your lost Nissan Juke radio code! If you have some additional questions or needs feel free to ask us using the comments form at the bottom of this page! Thank you for your attention!


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