What is the reason your radio device is asking for a Ford Focus radio unlock code? The appearance of this problem in your vehicle is most often related to a problem with the electrical power supply of the Ford Focus radio device. Namely, if your radio device is left without a continuous supply of electricity for just a few seconds, the next time you turn it on, it will ask you to enter a Ford Focus radio code to start working again. Usually, this problem occurs if you regularly change the battery or you have a problem with the electrical installation, i.e. the wires that transmit the electrical current from the battery to your Ford Focus radio device.

Ford Focus Radio Code

The problem is evident! You cannot use your radio device and that situation is very annoying for you. You travel and drive without listening to music or a popular radio show that you follow regularly. Therefore, it is of prime importance for you to solve this bitter problem. It is probably for these reasons that you find yourself in the middle of your online search for your original Ford Focus radio code. Well, fortunately, we can inform you that your problem is easily solvable and you don’t have to pay for such a solution. Here we will present you how to solve this problem completely free of charge!

Ford Focus Radio Code Generator

There is a Ford Focus radio code generator that is the answer to all your prayers regarding unlocking your locked radio device and being able to continue using it! This calculator is available to each of our readers and users. Simply download the calculator on any computer or mobile phone and use it the right way by following the steps outlined in the guide below:

  1. Open the zip file you downloaded and complete the software installation process. Manual installation is very easy and boils down to pressing a few buttons in the same way you install all the other software tools you’ve used in the past.
  2. Enter data about the locked radio device and the car in which it is located. The software informs you what data is needed and you either choose from the offered solutions or fill in an empty field, such as entering the serial number of your radio device.
  3. After checking the entered data (check if you made any mistakes), press the “Decode” button.

Your radio code will appear on your screen in the next few minutes.

Ford Focus Radio Code Generator

How To Enter A Radio Code

Once you have received the unique Ford Focus radio code that is compatible with your radio device, you need to manually enter that code to unlock the radio. After unlocking, the radio will work normally without any feeling that there is a problem with it.

The easiest way to learn how to enter a Ford Focus radio code is to watch the video tutorial that our team made specifically for this model. Watch how the colors of the virtual buttons change in the video and you will know in which order to press them to finally unlock the device. Watch out! The code entered in the video is just an example! Your code certainly has a different digit content and arrangement! Therefore, do not try to enter the actual Ford Focus radio code, which we use only as an example to show you practically how to enter this type of radio code.

*If you have any problem generating the radio code or entering it correctly, then contact us by using the comment form at the bottom of this web page. Expect our operators to help you within the next 24 hours!

PS. You can also solve your problem at a local mechanic shop, but if you use this method you should know that you will have to pay a certain amount of money. But why pay for something when you can get it for free, right?


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