Have you already tried entering random Seat Aura radio codes into your locked radio? Have you found that you just can’t find where you lost the original radio documents that record your correct Seat Aura radio code? If you answered yes to these two questions, then you have already reached the point where you have to use third party help to solve the current problem and succeed in reactivating your device in the right way. You have more options online or at some of the local mechanics but most of them cost a lot of money and you will have to spend some time that was not in your schedule for this week.

Seat Aura Radio Code

We are here to convince you that we have information on the easiest way to get your unique Seat Aura radio code for free. This is the combination that will activate your device and it will continue to work normally, just as if it had not been blocked before. Let’s start over and solve this problem of yours in the next few minutes.

Check how to unlock any Seat radio device!

What should you use? No less, no more but the specialized software tool named Seat Aura radio code generator!

Seat Aura Radio Code Generator

This software tool is only compatible if you own a Seat Aura vehicle with an original factory radio installed. You should know from the start that if during the use of your car the radio device has been changed once or several times. If this is the case with your vehicle and radio, then do not use this Seat Aura radio code calculator, but refer to another meat, or if you know the exact model of the radio, use the search box on our website and find suitable calculator.

Seat Aura Radio Code Generator

If you are sure that the radio unit in your Seat Aura vehicle has never been changed, then you can continue reading below and get the code you are looking for. To successfully go through the code regeneration phase, follow the step-by-step guide below!

  1. The first stage is to complete the process of downloading the software to your computer. You can also use a mobile phone, but we do not recommend it because the software itself takes up a lot of memory, so you can overload your mobile phone unnecessarily. Wait until you sit down behind the personal computer and complete the entire procedure there.
  2. Activate the software.
  3. Enter the serial number data of the locked Seat Aura radio you want to unlock.
  4. Press the “Decode” button!

The entire code generation procedure only takes a few minutes. The Aura radio code will appear on your desktop screen in a new window that allows you to save it directly as a notepad document because sometime in the future you may need it again to solve this identical example.

At the very end, when you already have the correct Seat Aura radio code that corresponds to your radio, everything is easier. Follow the video tutorial below to see what you need to do manually to successfully enter your code in the right way in the right place.


This process will unlock your device and you can start listening to your music smoothly!


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