Radio code generator pro 2 is an upgraded system that contains all previous radio code generators for different car models and radio devices. It is safe to say that this software solution is a universal radio code generator (with few exceptions) that is capable of detecting, finding, and revealing any radio code for any different locked radio device regardless of the car model it is used in. It’s just that here we already have a generator that contains the entire individual database from any different generator model.

Radio Code Generator Pro 2

Using Radio Code Generator Pro 2

This type of software contains a huge database with data on more than one billion vehicles. Here is data for different vehicle models, different brands, different models of radio devices, serial numbers, VIN combinations, older and newer models, etc. This means that for a user to get the information (the radio code that he needs and matches his device correctly) he must direct the generator to the right place by providing the correct information about his vehicle model and radio. Therefore, the use of the generator depends mostly on the user. If you provide the software with the correct information then you will get the correct solution, but if you make a mistake or simply cannot provide all the information then you will not get the correct radio code.

Using Guide

To get the correct code thanks to the latest version of radio code generator pro 2 follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download the generator software and install it on your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Turn on the generator after successful installation.
  3. From the drop-down menus, select the make and model of your car as well as the make and model of the locked radio.
  4. Enter the serial combination for your radio.
  5. Enter the VIN data of your vehicle.
  6. Finally, press the “generate” button.
Radio Codes Generator

After the final action you took in the last step you have to wait from 1 to 5 minutes (depending on the radio model) and your unlock code will appear on your screen. It couldn’t be simpler, could it?
Share your experience with the radio code generator pro 2 version in the comments below so that future users can see relevant information about this software.


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