Is your Volkswagen radio unit asking you to enter a unique VWZ2Z2 radio code to start working again? In the last few days, have you changed the battery or had a problem with the electrical installation? Tired of traveling and driving without listening to music? Don’t worry. We will help you solve all these problems by simply entering the VWZ2Z2 radio code into the locked radio to unlock it. Below we will make you a unique presentation in video and text form. We leave it up to you to decide exactly which guide you will use to solve this unusual problem.

VWZ2Z2 Radio Code

Video Tutorial For Entering VWZ2Z2 Radio Code

The easiest and fastest way to learn how to enter your VWZ2Z2 radio code is to use the video below! It also shows how to enter this type of code into an RCD 300 Volkswagen radio model, but the same method and the same keystroke layout will solve your problem on any other model. Pay attention to the video guide below!

Step By Step Guide In Text Form

If for any reason you have a problem using the video tutorial above, then go step by step by following the rules described below!

  1. First, turn on the radio, the same way you normally would. The word “SAFE” will appear on the screen for a short time interval, and immediately after that the initial code “1000” will be written. This is a sign that you can now enter your VWZ2Z2 radio code.
  2. By pressing the button with the number 1, set the first digit of the code.
  3. Repeat the previous step to enter the second, third and fourth digits of the radio code with the number keys 2, 3 and 4 respectively.
  4. Check that the code (after entering all the digits of the code) is correct and select the option “Move forward” marked with “>”. For the code to be finally entered, press the mentioned button and hold it for a few seconds in the pressed position.

After 2-5 seconds your Volkswagen radio will start working without any problem. You can listen to your favorite songs or radio stations without any delays or additional problems.

*Let us emphasize that you will have to repeat this procedure for entering the VWZ2Z2 radio code in the same way every time you change the battery in the future or have an electrical problem. Simply put, as soon as your radio has any power interruption, you know it will show a locked screen the next time you turn it on.

What To Do If You Don’t Have The Original Code

The procedure for entering codes of this kind is very easy! But what about all those users who have lost their VWZ2Z2 radio code? How can they handle this whole situation?

VWZ2Z2 Radio Code Calculator

The answer is again very simple! It is possible to solve it without having to pay a certain amount of money! We suggest you use a unique VWZ2Z2 radio code calculator that contains the entire base of potential codes for this type of radio devices. Using this calculator manually is all about following the simple steps below!

  • Download and install the generator software.
  • Activate the software (works on any computer or mobile phone).
  • Enter data that is unique to your radio device and your car.
  • Press the button named: “Decode”.

Automatically (only if you use correct radio and car data), the software will locate and generate the VWZ2Z2 radio code for you, which you must manually enter into your locked device following the above procedure for entering this type of code! It’s too simple isn’t it?


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