This is a guide to entering the Opel Astra radio code correctly to unlock your radio! All Opel Astra radio models from the past that used a Blaupunkt radio model are covered here. Although there may be some slight differences between similar Blaupunkt radio models, this tutorial can certainly help you learn how to enter your Opel Astra radio code without making any mistakes. This is of particular importance because it is not okay to make many wrong attempts to enter this type of code. Too many such errors can block the radio forever and make you end up having to throw it in the trash! So pay attention to this tutorial and the conclusions you can draw from it.

Opel Astra Radio Code

Video Tutorial For Entering Opel Astra Radio Codes

If you have your original Opel Astra radio code, then we recommend that you immediately start entering it manually into your locked radio device, following the rules described in the video tutorial below!

If, you don’t have your original code, then continue reading below!

Opel Astra Radio Code Generator

Many owners of Opel Astra vehicles, in the course of using their car and the radio in it, lose all the documents containing information about both the car and the radio device. This can be very inconvenient because those owners end up not being able to use their radio in their cars. Simply, the Opel Astra radio device will activate the security system, it will be locked, and you can no longer listen to music in your vehicle. The security system itself is very useful for theft prevention and changes the minds of thieves about the possibility of stealing your radio device and causing you great material damage. But of course, this can also cause serious inconvenience to you. What to do in this unpleasant situation?

The answer is very easy and simple! There is a so-called Opel Astra radio code generator that can help you get your code completely free. To use it, all you have to do is follow the guide below!

  1. First, download the software and install it on any computer or mobile phone just like you do with any other software you have used in the past.
  2. Activate the software for generating Opel Astra radio codes and enter all the details and information that the software will ask you. In some situations (depending on the exact model you are using), you need to enter certain data about the Opel Astra car itself, such as year of manufacture, model, etc.
  3. After checking that all the data you have entered is correct, press the decode button.
Opel Astra Radio Code Generator

Your Opel Astra radio code will be at your disposal in a few minutes after completing the steps of the guide above. It’s simple and easy! Once you get the code, watch the video guide above and manually enter the Opel Astra radio code to unlock your radio!

For any questions, we recommend you use the comment form below!


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