Let’s solve your problem with a Ford Transit radio code combination that you have lost and you need to be able to unlock your Ford radio device. The unpleasant problem you are facing originates from a problem with the electrical current in your car, namely its interruption for a few seconds or more. Your radio device has been disconnected from the power source for a certain amount of time and has detected a potential theft attempt. To protect against unauthorized use, the device activates the security protocol and the next time it is turned on, it presents a locked screen that can only be removed by entering the original Ford Transit radio code.

Ford Transit Radio Code

The whole situation is easily solved if you have information about the correct Ford Transit radio codes to enter. On the other hand, users often lose this important information over time because this type of problem appears very rarely. Here we will describe how to recover your lost radio code for free because there is no point in paying for something that you already own.

How To Restore Your Original Ford Transit Radio Code

A free method of recovering a lost Ford Transit radio code is a method that involves the use of a free Transit radio code generator. This software solution can serve you your lost radio code. Its use is quite simple and boils down to completing the steps below!

Ford Transit Radio Codes For Free
  • Download the radio code generator to any device with an internet connection.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • Enter data (correct) about the VIN of the car and the serial number of the locked radio.
  • Press the generate button.

The code will appear on your screen in a few seconds. You must then enter that code into the radio to unlock it. The procedure for unlocking the radio and the sequence of pressing the buttons on the device itself are given to you in the video material below!

Be careful! In the video, the sequence for the code is given, which is taken as an example of input. You have to adjust your exact order of key presses according to the digits and their arrangement of your original Ford Transit radio code!


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