Once you find our webpage you are one big step forward in the online search to find a free Audi Concert radio code! This website will make this code retrieval process easy for you. You are in a situation to get your lost code using some true details about your Audi vehicle and your radio. Simply follow the guides that you can find below on our page and you will reset your car radio easily and fast. Bear with us! We will help you!

Concert Radio Model

About Audi Concert Radio Code

The Audi Concert radio code is a unique combination that contains four digits. It’s unique information for each different Audi Concert radio devices. This means that you can’t find online some groups of codes that will work for your device. Therefore you need to perform a specific unique search that will fit your Concert properties.

Audi Concert Radio Code

The code is here to protect you and your device from theft. In the past many thefts have been stealing many car radios. Now, this type of protection keeps the radio device in the cars of the real owners. Generally, the protection system is ok, it is good, and it protects you. But, in some cases (only if you lose your original Audi Concert radio code information) can make you trouble.

It’s only a meter of time when your Audi vehicle will get some problems with the battery, battery installation, or some radio wires. Then, once the radio doesn’t get electricity for some time, the security system is on. Then when you will try to turn the radio on, the device asks to unlock the code from you. In this position, you will need to enter this digit combination to unlock your device and use it again.

There isn’t a problem at all if you have the information about the code. But let’s be real, we all lose this type of information especially if we don’t need them for a couple of years. The good thing is that this problem has a free solution. Therefore continue to read the text below!

Unlock Audi Concert Radio Code Generator

There is a workable unlock Audi Concert radio code generator that can retrieve any Audi Concert radio code detail from the main database. This generator is available for free so every Audi user can get it on any computer or cell phone without paying for it. This generator is already available on many places and websites that are active on the internet. To use it you need some information that you need to collect from your car and radio about the VIN and serial number. Once you get this info, just follow the steps below!

  1. Open the generating software.
  2. Insert VIN and serial number.
  3. Import your valid email address that is in use.
  4. Click on the “generate” button.
Audi Concert Radio Code Generator

After some time your Audi Concert radio code will arrive on your email in the content of a new message. Take the code from there and use it. You should enter the Audi code into your car radio manually. Our team made text and video tutorials for those that will have some problems during the entering procedure.

  • Turn on the radio.
  • Hold the buttons “RDS” and “SCAN” together for two seconds until you see “SAFE” on the display. Then drop the buttons and you will see “0000”.
  • Use the radio buttons with the same sign under the radio’s display to enter all four digits that the Audi Concert radio code contains.
  • In the end, press the buttons “RDS” and “SCAN” again and together for two more seconds.

Video Tutorial

If you complete the steps above your device will be unlocked. You can use the video tutorial below if you have some problems during the entering Audi Concert radio code process!

It is a smart move if you decide to keep the Audi Concert radio code in a safe place. This info will be important once again in the future for you and your Concert radio device for sure! You can bet!


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