Welcome to the website that allows you to use a universal radio codes calculator! Here you will find useful information and a tool that will allow you to find any radio code for any radio model. Of course, here it is understood that we are talking about radio devices that are in your vehicle or the vehicle of a friend of yours!

From the start you can relax because now that you’ve already arrived here, you can rest assured that your unique radio code is just minutes away from you! Continue reading below. We recommend that you be patient and read the entire text to understand the essence of the problem and its potential solutions!

Radio Code Problem

If you have already found yourself in the form of a visitor to this page, you have probably experienced the bitter problem that can occur with your radio device that you use in your vehicle. Probably due to a power outage, your radio device has independently activated the security system that is built into the software of the radio device and serves to prevent theft. It’s a method many radio manufacturers use to take people’s minds off stealing radios from vehicles. Let’s be honest, this method really works. And it’s good to succeed, right? Why would someone steal your radio and cause you additional damage because they’ll probably break your lock or break at least one window.

Front Radio Code Screen

But on the other hand, a problem arises with the use of the radio. You after the repairs of your battery or some problem with the electrical installation, you will enter the vehicle and turn on the radio device as you always did until now, but you will be surprised because the radio device will inform you that you must enter a radio code for it to start working again. We know, it’s not fair right?

Most often, each radio has its own unique code that has four, five or six digits (most often there are 4-digit radio codes.

First Attempt To Solve The Problem

The first thing that is the smartest thing to try is to try to find your unique radio code in the documentation that you received when you bought the vehicle! If you find the code in it, we recommend that you visit our YouTube channel. There you can find a video guide for any radio model that will show you how to enter the radio code successfully and without errors. Once you see what you need to do simply enter the code into the radio and it will start working without any change to its normal operation before it was locked.

This is the smoothest solution that will take the least amount of time and you won’t spend any money.

Potential Solutions

If you are unable to find your own radio code, you definitely need help getting that information. On the Internet nowadays there are many opportunities related to this problem. Below you can see what options you have:

  1. You can visit an online website that sells radio codes. When using this option you must surely spend a certain amount of money. We recommend that you be very careful, read user comments or testimonials before deciding to go through the payment process, as you can easily end up a victim of cybercrime.
  2. Your second option is to request a free radio code calculator for your exact radio model. The truth is that there are very few readily available radio code calculators on the internet, and only for specific radio models. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will not be able to solve the problem in this way.
  3. The third option is associated with a physical location where you know a mechanic has extensive experience troubleshooting your model of car. Mechanics usually have special methods they can use to unlock your locked radio. Logically, in this case too, you need to pay the master a certain amount of money to help you.
  4. The fourth option is to use the universal radio code calculator that is available on our website and about which you can read more information below!
Universal Radio Codes Calculator

Radio Codes Calculator

The universal radio code calculator is a software solution that covers absolutely all different models of radio devices in any type of vehicle. This is a universal solution resulting from many years of work in the field of unlocking radio devices that are built into a specific vehicle.

At first this calculator only existed for certain models of Ford radios, but nowadays this new variant of the radio code calculator covers all the different models that have this kind of security software.

Radio codes calculator is available software for all readers. Anyone can download it directly to any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer. It is enough to have a stable internet connection to be able to complete the download process. After a successful download, go through the installation process that you normally complete for any software tool you use on any of your devices.

After you go through the process of downloading and installing the radio code calculator software you are ready to use it. The steps to use are contained in the guide below!

How To Use The Universal Radio Codes Calculator

Once you already have the radio code calculator on any of your devices you can use it to generate your radio code!

  1. Select the vehicle model in which your keyed radio is located from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the radio device model from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the device serial number.
  4. Press the “Generate” button.
How to use radio codes calculator

After completing the steps above to use the radio codes calculator in a few seconds your code will be generated. All that remains is to complete the process of downloading the generated radio code and use it. Insert it into your locked radio device and you can start using the radio without any problems!

Request your code! Fill in the request form below and get your code!

Request your code! Fill in the request form below and get your code!


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