There are very few chances that you will manage to enter the Volvo V40 radio code on your own without asking for additional help. Although the procedure is very simple, many people still make mistakes, many times, which can seriously risk the use of their own Volvo V40 radio in the future. We provide you below a unique video tutorial that can help you enter the code very simply without any chance of doing anything wrong. Underneath the video you also have steps in text form, if a segment of the video itself gives you some hesitation. We recommend that you watch the video material at the very beginning:

Steps To Enter Volvo V40 Radio Code

If something in the video was not clear enough for you, or you simply feel the need for additional help, then take a look at the following guide, which will surely help you!

  1. First, turn on the radio! As soon as you see the message “Input code” you can start entering the Volvo V40 radio code! Imagine that the code you need to enter is 8472!
  2. Use the button that says “Memory” or “Menu”! Turn the knob until the number 8 appears in place of the first digit of the code.
  3. As soon as you set the first digit, press the same button downwards. Continue turning until you place the number 4 in place of the second digit of the code.
  4. Repeat the previous step to enter the third and fourth digits.
  5. Once you have set all the digits and completely completed the Volvo V40 code on the radio screen, press the same button that you have turned until now once more.

It is easy! As soon as you complete all the steps that we have described below, your V40 radio device will start working without any problem. It will be unlocked! This lock screen may reappear sometime in the future if your device loses power!

How To Enter Volvo V40 Radio Code

What to do if you don’t have the original Volvo V40 radio code? A question to which you can also find an appropriate answer here that will help you! The simplest method is to use a free generator that is special software for this problem!

How To Use A Free V40 Code Generator

In this section of the page below you can find useful information on how to get your lost Volvo V40 radio code! Simply follow the steps below to get the code in your possession for free!

  • Complete the process to download the generator software.
  • Install the software on a computer or mobile phone.
  • Activate the generator.
  • Enter the correct data for the serial number of the locked Volvo V40 radio. Most of the time, to find this data you have to remove the radio from its place in the vehicle!
  • Press the “Decode” button.

After completing all the steps, wait up to two minutes and your Volvo V40 radio code will appear on your screen. Once you have the code enter it into the radio using the text or video guides we have already described above on this page.

Volvo V40 Radio Code Generator

*If you are having problems using the generator due to compatibility with the device you are trying to generate on, please send us a comment below containing your radio’s serial number information. Our team will send you the code in the next 24 hours! Thank you for your patience!


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