The decor of your car is your radio! Is the place where most of the fun comes from while traveling somewhere no longer available to you because you have to enter a genuine Grundig radio code to work the device itself?

Grundig Radio Code

If this is the situation you are struggling with then you should know from the start that we are on your side and generally always on the side of the real owners of Grundig radio devices that cannot function because they detected a false theft attempt because the radio device briefly or has been left without a connection to the battery – the source of electrical current in your car – for a long time. You no longer have the radio code that you received when you bought the car in the past, because probably all your initial documents have been lost and you are in an unenviable situation that no one would want to be in.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you! Because you are the real owner of your Grundig radio device (we can easily examine and verify this) we will make it possible for you to get your radio code a second time, which you need to enter into the locked radio device in order for it to start working.

Grundig radio serial number

Grundig Radio Code Generator

The Grundig radio code generator is software that has accumulated in its database all possible combinations of radio codes that are compatible with any device of this type. To use it follow the steps below!

  1. Download the Grundig radio code generator to any computer.
  2. Open the software and synchronize it with your locked radio device by entering the unique serial number unique to your device.
  3. Press the decode button and your radio code will be available to you almost instantly.

Finally, once you already own the code. you need to enter it manually in the locked radio device in order for it to work. The manual entry procedure is made available to you in the video below!

The sequence of pressing the keys in order to correctly enter the Grundig radio code is presented to you by changing the color of the keys. Be careful because that exact order only applies to the radio code from the video. It is your duty to understand what the input methodology is in order to correctly reflect and apply it to your unique radio code! It’s clearer now isn’t it?


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