The Suzuki Swift radio code is the combination you need to enter into your locked radio to make it work. Can’t listen to music in your car for quite some time? Do not despair because we are here to help you with the Suzuki Swift radio code entry procedure! Below you will immediately come across a video tutorial that will help you understand in which order you should press the buttons on the radio device to unlock it! First, we recommend you to watch our video guide!

If any moment of the video gives you a problem or simply something doesn’t work for you, then take a look at the guide in text form, written in several steps that you need to complete!

  1. First turn on the radio device.
  2. Once the four zeros appear on the radio display, use the 1 to 4 buttons to enter all four digits that comprise your Suzuki Swift radio code.
  3. When you set the correct code, press the number 6 button and hold it for 3-4 seconds.

The moment you perform the above steps, your Suzuki Swift radio will unlock and start working normally as if it had never been locked before. Now you are already in a better position and you can freely listen to music and music shows on your favorite radio stations while driving and traveling.

Suzuki Swift Radio Code

The above procedure is sufficient for all Suzuki Swift owners who have correct information about what their Suzuki Swift radio code is. But what if you are one of those who cannot find their code in any normal way? Nothing terrible! And in this case, there is a solution! If you are one of them, continue reading below!

Suzuki Swift Radio Code Calculator

If you cannot find your lost Suzuki Swift radio code in any classic way, then you must use additional assistance. Although the problem can be solved in several ways, we still recommend you use the free method for determining radio codes. This means that you have to manually use the Suzuki Swift radio code generator, the use of which is described in the step-by-step guide below! Follow the steps to get your radio code.

  • First, download the generator software on any device where you have a stable internet connection. Immediately after downloading, install it.
  • Open the software through the new icon that you will get on your home screen after successful installation.
  • Enter data about the serial number of the Suzuki Swift radio and the VIN combination of the car.
  • Finally, press the “Decode” button.
Suzuki Swift Radio Code Calculator

After the final step, you usually have to wait up to 100 seconds to get the original Suzuki Swift radio code.
And finally, you already belong to those Suzuki Swift owners who own their own Suzuki Swift radio code. Once you are in this position, you can go back to the top of this web page and start manually entering your code into the radio to unlock it for free.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please use the comment form below! Good luck!


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