Welcome to the best platform to explain the Honda Civic radio code reset from start to finish. Here you have at your disposal precise information about everything you need to undertake to complete the entire procedure. Apart from a textual explanation, here you have available video tutorials that will detail how you need to enter your radio code into your locked device to completely reset it.

Civic radio code calculator

Honda Civic Radio Code

First, let’s say a word or two about what the Honda Civic radio code means. This code is a special code, different for each different device, and a unique password must be entered into the radio device to activate it. In the beginning, when the vehicle was purchased, the radio functioned normally. But if for any reason there is a stoppage of the electricity supply to the radio, then the security system is activated and the next time it is turned on, a locked screen is activated that does not allow you to access its functionalities.

It is problematic that at the beginning no one emphasizes that every owner should carefully keep that information about the Honda code that everyone receives with the original documents for the car. Then, over time, you usually lose these documents and face the problem of how to find your Honda Civic radio code to successfully reset your locked device.

We aim to guide you to use the official calculator that works online. Stay with us and follow our instructions to help you get your lost code for free!

Honda Civic radio code reset

Honda calculator

Every genuine owner can use the official Honda radio code calculator for free! It is available 24 hours a day, every day, but only for real owners who can provide all the necessary information that will confirm that they own the Honda Civic car in which the radio is located. To do that, they must write down the VIN during the procedure. This combination is the only code that can protect you from potential thieves who can steal your radio device.

To get your Civic code online, follow the next step below!

  1. First, visit the official Honda Civic radio code calculator website.
  2. Enter the VIN in the appropriate place where this information is indicated.
  3. Enter information about a ZIP code, an email address that is active, and a phone number.
  4. Then, choose one of the three options offered.
  5. Finally, enter information about the serial number of your radio device.

After you have carefully checked all the entered information (to avoid the possibility that you made a mistake when entering the data), click on the “Submit” button. Then, all that remains is to wait for feedback in the form of an email message containing your Honda Civic radio code.

Honda Civic radio code

Congratulations, you have completed the code return procedure. 99 percent of the device reset work is complete. You just need to enter the code manually and the radio will work again as if nothing problematic happened!

Continue reading if you are not clear on how to enter your Honda Civic radio code manually! Below you have a video that describes the whole procedure well!

How to enter Honda Civic radio code manually

The video below is animated and contains all the combinations of pressing the main radio buttons to enter the code correctly. In the video, you will notice how certain buttons change color. Changing the color means you have to press that exact button at that moment.

It generally applies that:

  1. When you correctly enter the first digit of the five-digit code, the digit C will be shown on the screen,
  2. As soon as you enter the second digit on the screen you will see CO,
  3. After the third you see CDO,
  4. After the fourth, the word CODE is completed,
  5. Finally, when you enter the fifth (last) digit of the Honda Civic radio code the radio will be fully unlocked!

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked your locked device and can listen to music without any problem.

Recommendation! Save the code in a safe place so you can use it again if you need it in the future!


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