It’s time to solve the problem of the Volkswagen radio code combination that you are missing! Here, below on this page you have all the necessary information to help you get the code that you have lost in the past and now you are faced with the non-functionality of your radio. To be able to find your unique Volkswagen radio code you only need to read the serial number that is written directly on your radio device and manually use the generator software available on our website. Continue learning the solution to this problem below!

Free Volkswagen Radio Code

Volkswagen Radio Code

The Volkswagen radio code is a combination containing 4 or 5 digits depending on the exact Volkswagen radio model. Usually older models have 4 digits, while newer models of Volkswagen radios have 5 digits. This type of combination is unique to each different radio. This means that for Volkswagen radios there are no unlock codes that can help many representatives of the same model, or for radios with similar characteristics.

Most importantly, for some reason your radio device requires you to enter a unique Volkswagen radio code in order for the radio to start working properly again. The problem lies in the fact that users often lose this data over time (this is a particularly common situation for those who have bought a car from a previous owner).

The easiest way to get your unlock combination is to use the free code generator that works using your radio’s serial number!

Volkswagen Radio Code Generator

Free Code Generation

To use the generator follow the steps below!

  1. Download the code generator software.
  2. Install the software on the same device you completed the download process on.
  3. Open the software.
  4. Enter the correct serial number data for the Volkswagen radio you wish to unlock.
  5. Press the decode button.

Your code will be available to you in a very short time. Finally, once you have the code, enter it into the radio and it will start working without any problem. If you have any problem with entering the Volkswagen radio code, then we recommend that you return to our site once again to watch the video guide below! This guide will show you what you need to do to successfully enter the code into the radio.

If you have trouble generating the code, send us the serial number of the locked Volkswagen radio in the comment below and we will send you all the necessary information to the email address you used when submitting the comment.


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