Every user of an older car model at a certain stage of the use of their vehicle is forced to face the image of a locked radio device. At that point, even if he did not know that information before, everyone is forced to understand that in order to unlock his radio device he must enter a unique BMW E36 radio code in order to be able to use his radio device again. The situation is really tricky if the owner does not know the code. In this state, he is unable to unlock the radio device and cannot listen to music until he enters the original BMW E36 radio code.

BMW E36 Radio Code

Below on this page we will explain how you should proceed to solve this unpleasant problem. The good news is that you can solve this problem without spending money, that is, the solution is free. It is about using a free BMW E36 calculator that can recover your lost radio code. Its use is described in the text below!

How To Use The Free BMW E36 Radio Code Calculator

Using the BMW E36 radio code calculator is very simple. It comes down to following the few simple steps below!

  1. Download the free radio code calculator.
  2. Go through the installation phase of the software which is compatible with any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  3. Open the calculator.
  4. Select the car model.
  5. Select the model of the radio device.
  6. Enter correct data for the serial number of the locked radio device.
  7. Enter the VIN for the car.
  8. Check the accuracy of all selected and entered data.
  9. Press the decode button.
Enter BMW E36 Radio Code

The radio code that is compatible with your device that you want to unlock will be available to you in less than 2-3 minutes. Once you get it you need to manually enter it into your device to unlock it. The entire procedure for entering the radio code is given in the video material below! Before you make a lot of mistakes when entering the BMW E36 code, we recommend that you watch the video below and learn how to do it the right way.


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