Are you ready to complete your online search for the Mercedes Benz radio code by VIN? Well, we will provide the original method that will help you find your Mercedes radio code only if you have true information about your device’s VIN combination and the radio’s serial number. Below on this page, we will guide you on how to complete the code retrieval process, and how to enter the Mercedes Benz code properly! Stay with us for a couple of minutes and your problem will be gone forever! Let us help you! You decide how to find your true code that will complete the unlocking process!

Mercedes Benz Radio Code

Some of you may know all about the problem, but we are here to explain to you all that every Mercedes Benz owner need to know! What is the Mercedes Benz radio code? What does it serve? How many digits does it have? How to find it if it is lost? All this question have their true answer on this page below! Read us!

This type of code is a security code that needs to stop the thefts from stealing the radio device from Mercedes Benz vehicles. This security system protects the real owners and their devices. This is a good thing! But in some cases can be a big problem. Therefore you probably need some additional help.

The code has 5 digits, that belong to a unique combination for every unique Mercedes radio device. This means that there aren’t some groups of Mercedes radio codes that can unlock many different Mercedes Benz car radios using the group of serial numbers. You must know that your device is unique with a unique unlock Mercedes Benz 5-digits code. There is not even a chance that some random code will help you.

Below in this text, you can find out what you need to do to get your Mercedes Benz radio code for free! We recommend you use this chance!

Mercedes Benz Radio Code Generator

The Mercedes Benz radio code generator is a unique software that provides any lost Mercedes Benz code if you are in a position to prove that you own the device for which you apply! This generator has the full database of codes and information for each radio device that is inserted into a Mercedes vehicle. To use it, follow the guide step by step below!

Mercedes Benz Radio Code Generator
  1. Get the generator (with download process) on any computer or mobile phone that have stable internet connection.
  2. Open the generator.
  3. Insert the information (unique for your locked radio) VIN, radio’s serial combination, valid email address, ZIP, phone number, and the radio’s model.
  4. Once you fill in the info, check it well one more time and press the generate button that you can find in the down-left corner of the generating window.

The generating process will take you up to five minutes from your time, but the Mercedes radio code that you will get will serve you forever. Every time in the future once your device stops and asks for a code you can solve the problem with the same unlock combination. This makes the generator a permanent solution to your problems!

When you have the code you just need to enter the code into the locked device. You should complete the process below:

Enter The Code

If you need additional help to enter the code, just follow the steps below:

  • Press the main power button and wait until you see four or five zeros on the radio’s screen. The number of zeros depends on the exact radio MB model!
  • Use the big turning button (or the buttons with numbers) to set all five digits from your code.
  • In the end, press the button that is in the right corner.
Enter Mercedes Benz Radio Code

This universal entering Mercedes Benz radio code process can be tricky for different models. Therefore we recommend you to visit our Youtube tutorials channel that can help you if you search for your exact Mercedes radio model. Start by watching the following video below:

Once you complete all four steps from the guidelines above your device will pass the blocking security system. Your Mercedes Benz radio is now unlocked! You can use it without any problem until your device remains for some time without electrical power. Then you need to enter the code again using the same method that we already described on this page above!


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