On this page you can learn how to unlock Ford Fiesta radio by implementing Ford Fiesta radio code. First you need to know how to enter Ford Fiesta radio code. We suggest that you complete this process using the video guide below, and if you have any problems, see the text explanation below the video, further down the page. If you don’t have your own unlock code at all, then at the bottom of this page you can learn how to get your unique code for free.

How To Enter Ford Fiesta Radio Code

See what you need to do to enter your radio code the correct way in the video below!

Steps to enter the code:

  1. Turn on the radio device. Suppose you need to enter the code 4837.
  2. Press the button number one 4 times. If by mistake you press more than 4 times, keep pressing until you see 4 on the screen instead of the first digit of the code.
  3. Press the button number two 8 times.
  4. Press the button number three 3 times.
  5. Press the button number four 7 times.
  6. Once your code is set correctly, press the number 5 button and your radio will be unlocked. After unlocking, everything will start working normally without any additional problem.

*The most common mistake that occurs when entering this type of code is that after setting the code correctly, usually users choose to press the main button to turn on the radio, so they have to repeat the whole process again. The main power button should not be pressed, but the number 5 button!

How To Enter Ford Fiesta Radio Code

How To Get Your Code

If for any reason you do not have the original Ford Fiesta radio code, then you need additional help. Our recommendation is to get the code for free, without using a service that you have to pay for from one of the sites that sell this kind of radio codes.

The best free solution is to use a free software called Ford Fiesta radio code calculator. The procedure that you need to carry out manually to get your unique unlock combination must include the following steps.

  • First, download the calculator to your computer or mobile phone.
  • Activate the software.
  • Enter the details of your locked Ford Fiesta radio (year of manufacture, serial number, VIN combination of the vehicle).
  • Press the decode button.
  • Your Ford Fiesta radio code will appear in a new window in less than 2-3 minutes.
Ford Fiesta Radio Code

Once you have received your unique Fiesta radio code, return once again to the video tutorial at the top of this page and enter it into your radio to unlock it. If you are unable to reproduce the Ford Fiesta radio code yourself, then enter the required information about your radio in the comment below and our team will send you all the necessary information directly to the email address you used when submitting the comment. Thank you!


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