Do you want to unlock the VW radio code for free? If you do, then you will need to use the free unlock VW radio code calculator. It is a very cool way to get your lost code without paying for it. The best thing is that you don’t need to go to local automobile workshops, where you need to pay for the service and you will spend a lot of time. Time is precious, right? So why lose time on something that you can get for free from your home using the internet connection from a computer or cell phone?

Unlock VW Radio Code Free

We will share really important information with you on this page below! Here you have access to the universal VW radio code calculator that is the best free decoder worldwide. It is universal because it covers:

  • All Volkswagen radio models
  • From any year
  • Using only radio serial and vehicle VIN info

Here on our website, we will teach you how to use the VW calculator in a couple of simple steps!

Unlock VW Radio Code Calculator

The unlock VW radio code calculator is a simple online working software. Any Volkswagen vehicle owner can use it if he can provide the right VIN for his Volkswagen vehicle and the serial combination for his radio. Find these important details from your automobile and you are all set to start the VW radio code retrieval process. You should complete the following steps below:

  1. Visit the official calculating page to unlock VW radio code free.
  2. Fill in the information about the ZIP code, email address, phone number, VIN, and serial.
  3. Check in the “I agree” place.
  4. Recheck all information that you fill in.
  5. Once you are sure that everything is correct click on the “Get code” button.
VW Radio Code

Your VW radio code (that you will get for free) will become available for you after 2-3 working days in your email in a new message. The code that you will get is a 4-digit VW radio code. This combination will work only on the radio which is the first ever radio used in the Volkswagen car which VIN you enter during the retrieval process. If you use second-hand car radio you will probably unlock the VW radio code for free, with the method that we described above in this text. If you are in this situation, we can help you manually help, but you need to send us all details using the main contact page on this website.

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How To Enter VW Radio Code

After you will receive your free VW radio code, you need to enter it into your locked radio device. The process to enter the VW radio code is simple, but you can also use our help to learn how to perform this process fast and easily. At the bottom of this page, you have an available video tutorial that contains the steps below:

  • Turn on the Volkswagen radio. On the screen, you should see “0000” or “1000”.
  • Use the radio button with the number 1 to enter the first digit from the code. If the first digit from the VW radio code is 5, you should press the button number 1 five times in a row, until the number 5 is set on the screen. The screen will look like “5000”.
  • Then, with the radio button number 2, you will set the second digit from the code. If this digit is 8, then you need to press the button with the number 2 eight times in a row. Then, the screen will look like “5800”.
  • Repeat the entering Volkswagen radio code process for the third and fourth digits from the code. If the third digit is 3, then press the radio button 3 three times in a row. The screen will be “5830”.
  • Let’s say that the last digit is 7. You need to press button number 4 seven times in a row. On the screen, you will then write the whole code “5837”.
  • The last step and action are to press the radio button with “>>” or forward!
Volkswagen Radio Code

Once you complete all the steps from the entering process above your VW radio will work again!

The video tutorial below can help you see how to enter the VW radio code if you have problems with the text explanation. Watch the video tutorial.