Where do you need to start when you want to perform the Volkswagen Beta radio code unlock process? We will help you to answer this question and to find the right tools and method to complete the unlock Volkswagen Beta radio code without any problem! All you need is the right code calculator and your device’s serial number! Here in this post, we will also teach you how to enter the Volkswagen Beta code using text and video tutorials! Here we have all answers to your questions!

Volkswagen Beta Radio Code

Volkswagen Beta Radio Code

The code can help you protect your car radio from thefts! They are willing to steal your car radio if they can turn it on properly! For sure, they want to sell it to someone else to earn some money. But the code doesn’t let them do this! This system protects you as the real owner on the radio!

The blocking software protects you, but in some cases is tricky! If you lose your original code then you can’t turn on your Volkswagen Beta radio device after you replace your car’s battery or the car have some problem with electrical installation. Therefore you need to find an alternative method to get your Volkswagen Beta radio code to unlock your device. Below we will help you learn what you need to do to get your code for free. Yea, you read it well! You can get your code for free! So let’s begin!

Volkswagen Beta Radio

Volkswagen Beta Radio Code Calculator

The Volkswagen Beta radio code calculator is a unique software that is compatible with any different version of Volkswagen Beta car radios. If you want to use it to get your code for free, just follow the steps from the guidelines below:

  1. Get the VW radio code calculating software by downloading it on any computer (you can’t use a mobile phone or tablet for the decoding procedure).
  2. Open the software.
  3. Insert all details about your locked Volkswagen Beta radio device in the fields marked with *.
  4. Check all information that you import in the previous step.
  5. Click on the decode button at the bottom of your current page.

Once you complete all the steps wait for a minute and your Volkswagen Beta radio code unlock process will be available for sure because you will get your true and original code combination.

How To Enter The Code

When you already have your code you need to enter it properly into the radio system! The whole process goes like this:

  1. Press the power button (once you press it you will see the word “SAFE” on the radio’s display).
  2. Wait for a while, and the word SAFE will be replaced with “0000” by itself after a couple of seconds.
  3. Using the radio’s button with number 1 enter the first digit from the code.
  4. Repeat the step number 3 for all other digits from your code.
  5. Once you fill in the right code press the radio button “>>”.
Enter Volkswagen Beta Radio Code

When you will complete all five steps from the guide above, your Volkswagen Beta will start working without any problem.

If you have some additional problems with the entering process please watch the video tutorial below that will explain to you even better how to enter the code to unlock:

In the end, we recommend you write your code in a safe place because you may need this combination sometime in the future! Best regards!


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