How easy it is to reset your locked device if you have the right Audi A4 radio code! The situation is such that you are probably in the unenviable position of not having your own Audi A4 radio code which you have lost because you have stuffed the original documents containing it among some irrelevant documents. This means that you are just like any other person who does not keep the necessary documents, and there are not that many!

Audi A4 Radio Code

We all have these nasty habits that later complicate the simple things we have to do sometimes. But fortunately there are professionals in their own work who take care of us and enable us to correct the things we missed in a painless way.

Here you will learn how to recover your Audi A4 radio code without having to pay for this service. Fortunately, there is special software that will remove the problem from your mind in no time. This tool is available on our website no matter which part of the world you are trying to download it from. All in all, the process of getting your Audi A4 radio unlock code is easier to complete than changing your underwear. So now that we’ve said so much about this unpleasant situation, let’s put the regeneration procedure into action and guide you in the right direction to get the code that you are legally entitled to.

Audi A4 Radio Code Calculator

The solution that will help you get your code to unlock the locked radio in your car is called Audi A4 radio code calculator. If you own another Audi model, check out our other articles on calculators that are compatible with Audi radios. The calculator we describe here only works with Audi A4 devices.

Audi A4 Radio Code Calculator

How to use this calculator? It’s simple, we have everything ready for you. Follow the steps of the tutorial below to get your code in the next few minutes.

  1. First complete the download process on any computer or mobile phone.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Enter the correct serial number for the A4 radio device.
  4. Enter the correct wine combination for the Audi A4 vehicle.
  5. Check the entered data so that you may not have made any mistakes when entering the data itself and select the option “Start decoding”.

After completing the above steps your unique radio code will arrive on your screen in the next three to four minutes. You then have to manually enter the code into the locked radio to activate it properly. The entire procedure for entering the Audi A4 radio code is presented in the video tutorial below! Note the change in color of the radio buttons. The moment when the color of the button changes is the right moment to press that exact button.

*Enter your data (for the radio, for the vehicle and your active email address) in a comment below if you cannot manage and manage the generation process yourself. If you choose this option, our team will send you your unique A4 radio code within the next 48 hours. Thank you for your patience! Good luck!


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