Are you ready to get your lost Nissan radio code from the VIN number? If you are, then we can inform you that you are in the right place to complete the Nisan radio code retrieval process in a couple of minutes! Here you can have everything from code retrieval to code entering procedures. Stay with us!

Nissan Radio Code

In the beginning, what is Nissan’s radio code? This type of code has 4-digits in it. If your Nissan radio device is locked you need to enter this unique code into your device, if you want your device to work without any problems. This can be a huge problem if you don’t have the 4-digits combination in your possession. Therefore you are in a situation where you need help from professionals in this area!

Nissan Radio Code

All this time you need to have on your mind that the lock technology is a good thing! This system prevents stealing the Nissan car radios from their true owners. It is more than clear that the theft will not steal your car radio if he can’t use it after that.

You will agree that you notice the problem at first after battery replacement, installation problem, or some electricity problem. Now you are one step forward in front of the thefts because they don’t know all details of your Nissan vehicle and radio that you need to use in the Nissan radio code retrieval process! Here you will learn how to retrieve your Nissan radio code from the VIN number! Below you have it all!

Nissan VIN Location

Nissan Radio Code Calculator

There is no need for you to be disappointed in the Nissan factory at all! They just keep your device safe and prevent vehicle radio stealing possibilities. In the end, they keep a full database of information about all lost Nissan radio codes if you can prove that you are the owner of the vehicle and the exact radio device.

Nissan Radio Serial Number

If you want to use the universal Nissan radio code calculator that works online with VIN, you need to provide some personal information, the vehicle’s VIN, and the radio’s serial number! Using this correct information will show that you own the device for which you complete the partial retrieval process. Below you have all the steps that you need to take to get your Nissan radio code from the VIN number for free! Follow the guidelines!

  1. First, complete the download process on your computer or mobile phone device.
  2. Open the calculator.
  3. Enter VIN (check this page to find VIN location), serial number, email that you practically use, ZIP, and some other minor information about you, your vehicle and your locked Nissan radio.
  4. In the end, click on the “retrieve the code button”.
Nissan Radio Code Calculator

Complete the four steps above in this text and you will get your true Nissan radio code on your email address after a couple of hours. That’s it! You are all done. Now you have your code and you can enter it into your locked device to unlock it!

If you have any problems during the entering process, we recommend you to follow our steps and video tutorial on how to enter Nissan radio code! It is below!

Enter Code Process

Once you already have your unique code it’s time to enter it into the locked radio device to rework it properly! This is really important for Nissan car radios because you have a couple of times to try enter the code. If you have too many wrong attempts then you can lock your device permanently. Then only the manufacture can unlock it. Therefore be very careful with the entering process. If you don’t know how, follow the steps guide below!

  • Press the main power button and try to start the device.
  • Then once the four zeros appear use the radio button with number 1 to enter the first digit from the code. Press the button with number one a couple of times until you see the right digit on the first place.
  • After that repeat the entering procedure for the second, third and the fourth digit from the code from the previous step.
  • Once you set all four digits, press and hold the radio button with number 6 until the radio start working. You will get the option to set the time, Once you set the time press the power button one more time and your device is unlocked!

If you still have some difficulties with the entering Nissan radio code process watch our video tutorial that will help you for sure! It is below:

We hope that you find this tutorial useful! If you do, share it with your friend and other Nissan owners! After all, all Nissan owners are some kind of a family!