This guide can help you overcome the problems you encounter when trying to enter VWZ1Z2 radio code in order to unlock your locked radio! Here you will see the correct steps to take so that you can continue to use your radio device in your Volkswagen vehicle without any problem. Below on this page you can see two types of guides that are sure to meet your criteria. Video and text guide for entering VWZ1Z2 radio code are available in the text below! Our recommendation is to try the video guide first, and if you have any additional questions, try the text guide as well.

Guides For Entering VWZ1Z2 Radio Code

All you have to do to unlock your locked Volkswagen radio device whose serial number starts with VWZ1Z2 is to follow the procedures that are practically presented in the video below! Go step by step!

If any part of the video gives you any problem, then analyze the text guide below!

The video guide is for the MCD radio navigation system model, but the same button press layout can help you unlock any other Volkswagen radio model whose serial number starts with VWZ1Z2!

  1. First, turn on the VWZ1Z2 radio by pressing the main power button. “SAFE” will briefly appear on the display of the radio device, and immediately after that the initial code “1000” will be written. Now is the right time to start entering your VWZ1Z2 radio code!
  2. By repeatedly pressing the keys from 1 to 4 you set all the digits of the code.
  3. When all four digits are set correctly and you see the correct code on the display, you should press and hold the “>” or “Forward” button.
VWZ1Z2 Radio Code

The moment you complete the three steps described above your locked radio device will start working without showing any signs of a particular problem. You can continue to listen to your music and drive and travel carefree! Everything is easier with a little favorite music, right?

VWZ1Z2 Radio Code Calculator

An even bigger problem that you may encounter when you see a locked VWZ1Z2 radio code display in front of you is if you do not have the original code that is compatible with your locked device. In that situation, your radio could remain locked and unusable forever. That’s why you must take the right steps to fix the VW radio code problem and get back to using your in-car device.

There are several solutions in the market for which you have to pay a certain amount, but here we will present you a free method that will help you get your unique code. All you need to do is to use the software to generate this type of code which is called VWZ1Z2 radio code calculator. Its use boils down to following the steps below!

  • Download the software and install it on any device on which you have a stable internet connection.
  • Activate the software using one of the standard methods you already use for any program or application.
  • Enter the unique serial number of the radio device that you can read directly from it (in some cases you will have to remove the radio from its cradle in the car to read this unique information).
  • Finally, press the decode button.
VWZ1Z2 Radio Code Calculator

Once you are done your VWZ1Z2 radio code will appear on your screen in a very short time! Write down the unlock code in a safe place and return to the beginning of this tutorial to manually enter it into your radio!

*If you have any problem generating your VWZ1Z2 radio code, write us your serial number in the comment below and you will receive a message directly to your email containing the necessary code within the next 24 hours! Thank you for your understanding!


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