What is the correct layout for using the buttons to enter the Audi A3 radio code? Having trouble entering this type of code? If the answer is yes, then you are in the exact place where you belong at this moment! Take the opportunity to learn how to enter the Audi A3 radio code in the correct way, so that you can always solve this problem yourself in the future without wasting time or asking for help from someone else. Follow our various guidelines below to succeed in achieving your goal. Good luck!

Enter Audi A3 Radio Code

How To Enter Audi A3 Radio Code

Entering the Audi A3 radio code is a very easy procedure if you know the button press layout that you need to manually release directly on your locked radio. For all those who do better using video guides, we recommend you watch our video tutorial below! Those of you who prefer to follow text guides can continue by skipping the video tutorial!

Step-By-Step Text Guide

To unlock your locked Audi A3 radio follow the steps below!

  1. First turn on the radio. The word SAFE will appear on the screen for a short time, and immediately after that the number 1000 will be written, with the number 1 flashing.
  2. Start entering the code (entering the first digit of the code) by pressing the button located next to the display of the radio device, on the top left side. If the first digit is 5, then you have to press that button four times (because the first digit always starts with 1, not 0).
  3. Use the button located in the middle next to the radio display on the left to enter the second digit of the Audi A3 radio code, in the same way as you did with the first digit.
  4. Now you have to change sides! Use the button next to the display, at the top right, to enter the third digit of the code.
  5. You should use the button in the middle on the right to enter the last digit.
  6. Finally, press and hold for a few seconds the button on the right next to the display located at the bottom.

After completing the steps of the guide above, your Audi A3 radio will start working without any problem.

Lost Code Problem

If you are in the unpleasant situation of not having your own original Audi A3 radio code, then we can help you in this way! Follow the steps below!

  1. Use the comment form at the bottom of this webpage and send us a comment that includes the unique serial number of your locked Audi A3 radio and your active email address.
  2. Wait up to 24 hours.
  3. You will receive a precisely described procedure on how to recover your lost Audi A3 radio code to your email address. Most of the methods that you have to implement manually are completely free!
Audi A3 Radio Code

We hope our guide helped you! Share your experience with our other readers and users! We suggest you use the comment form below!


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