Are you able to troubleshoot your Opel Meriva radio code yourself? Can you repair your old Opel Meriva radio or are you thinking of throwing it in the bin and getting yourself a new radio? How much money will that procedure cost you? Do not despair! If you have decided to use the old radio device, we are here to help you! We will show you how to successfully enter your true code! Once you complete this procedure, you will get rid of the locked display of your radio device forever.

How To Enter Opel Meriva Radio Code

Let’s start from the beginning! What do you need to do? Continue reading further down this page!

How To Enter Opel Meriva Radio Code

To successfully enter your Opel Meriva radio code follow the simple guide and its steps one by one!

  1. Press the main power button at the same time as the AC button. The radio will turn on, but a notification will appear on the screen asking you to enter the appropriate code.
  2. By repeatedly pressing the button on the radio with the number 1, enter the first digit of the four-digit code. Keep pressing the same key until you have successfully entered the first digit.
  3. By pressing the button with number 2, set the second digit.
  4. By pressing the button with number 3, set the third digit.
  5. By pressing the button with number 4, set the fourth digit.
  6. Finally, when you already see all the digits from the code written on your display, press and hold the AC button for a few seconds without pausing the press.

By completing the steps of the guide above you will successfully unlock your Opel Meriva radio. After entering the code, the radio will immediately start working without any problem.

Opel Meriva Radio Code

How To Find A Lost Meriva Unit Code

Those users who have lost their original Opel Meriva radio code in the past have a bigger problem. They may even know the procedure on how to enter this type of code, but still be unable to unlock their locked radio because they don’t have the right key for it. How should you act if you are exactly in this unpleasant situation? We recommend you follow the steps below!

  1. Find the comment form below on this same page!
  2. Enter data for the serial number of the radio device.
  3. Enter an email address that you plan to use for sure.

Send us your comment (you can send it directly to our email address through our contact page).
That much! All the work is done! Now all that remains is for our tm to process your request and send you your original Opel Meriva radio code! It will happen for sure within the next 24 hours if you send the request on a working day, or within the next 48 hours if you send the request on a non-working day! Thank you!

If you have any problem just visit our Youtube channel tutorial that will help you learn how to enter Opel Meriva radio code very fast and easy!


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