Are you wondering if you have a chance to overcome the problem of entering the Skoda Octavia radio code? Are you worried about whether you will be able to use your original radio unit in your Skoda Octavia car? Will you need to throw away your old radio and have to spend unplanned financial resources to buy a new radio? Don’t think too much because once you have already reached this website, here we will surely help you to remove this problem from your mind. With certainty from the start, you can be convinced that solving this problem by entering the Skoda Octavia radio code will save you money. Let’s start solving the problem in a few simple steps!

Enter Skoda Octavia Radio Code

How To Enter Skoda Octavia Radio Code

If you are not much after reading text guides to follow in order to unlock your locked Skoda Octavia radio device, we recommend you to watch the video tutorial below which is designed to learn how to enter Skoda Octavia radio code in the correct way, without violating the security of the device itself and jeopardizing its use in the future. If you prefer to use step-by-step text guides, then use the guide located right below the video.

Steps That You Have To Perform Manually

Follow the simple steps below!

  1. Turn on the locked Skoda Octavia radio. After a few seconds, the word SAFE will appear on the screen, followed immediately by four zeros in the same place. At that point you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Use the buttons located next to the radio display on the left side from top to bottom to enter the first and second digits of your unique Skoda Octavia radio code. You have to press each key the appropriate number of times to set the correct digit in its proper place.
  3. Using the buttons on the right side of the display you can set the third and fourth digits of the code (again go from top to bottom).
  4. When you have set all four digits in the correct way and you see the entire Skoda Octavia radio code on the display you can press and hold for a few seconds the button located on the right of the display at the bottom of all three buttons.

Logically, in front of you on the screen after completing the above steps, you will see how the locked screen is deactivated and your radio device immediately starts working. All the functionality of the Skoda Octavia radio device has been restored and you can use the radio and stereo system as you did in the past without any hindrance.

Are You Seeding The Right Code

If you do not have the right genuine Skoda Octavia radio code that is compatible with your unique radio device, you need further assistance. Although the issue can be resolved in a number of ways (feel free to research online), we suggest you let us help you directly.

Skoda Octavia Radio Code

If you choose to send us an email or comment (below on this website) that will contain information about the serial number of your locked device, then you will receive a feedback on the same email that you used with detailed information on how to get your unique Skoda Octavia radio code completely free. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!


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