The Kenwood radio code generator can help you find your lost car radio code! Here we will guide you how to get and how to use this unique software. This is guide for the universal Kenwood radio code generator that is compatible with all Kenwood vehicle radios no meter in which car brand you use it. The process of regeneration is very simple.

You will manage the whole code retrieval process by yourself, manually, with our guide, our steps and our video tutorial. Below on this page you have it all! Bear with us, stay here for a couple of minutes and you will complete the process to put your locked device in work mode again without any problem.

Kenwood Radio Code Generator

Kenwood Radio Code

What about this type of code? What is it? So what does it serve? How to get it if you have it lost in the past? What to do to use the generator? How to enter the Kenwood radio code into your device? There are too many questions about this situation that don’t let you listen to music in your fancy vehicle! But, we are here to give you all answers that you need to know!

The code is the last barrier between thefts and your device. This protection is here to avoid the chance to lose your device because of someone who has the idea to steal your Kenwood car radio. The situation is very clear! If he can’t use the device after he gets it while he breaks the law he will not have the idea to steal it in the first place. We conclude that this type of security is a good thing!

Originally, you need to keep the information about the digits combination for your Kenwood radio code. Then, once your vehicle has some electricity problem your device will block the system. In this situation, you need to enter the right code to make your device work again. But in most cases the time is the reason why we lose this type of information. This is the reason why you aren’t in position to enter the right code. Well, we will help you to get your code using some unique information about your vehicle and your car radio.

Kenwood Radio Code Generator Guide

The exact solution to the problem that we show you above is the Kenwood radio code generator. This software contains a full database that is a list of all possible Kenwood codes. Once you complete the process where you will show that you are the right owner, your code will be delivered without any problem. To complete the process and activate the generator follow the few steps below:

  • Download the Kenwood radio code generator (the same process that you repeat constantly with any other software).
  • Open the generator.
  • Insert details about vehicle VIN, radio’s serial number, and workable email address.
  • Check the information that you import.
  • In the end, click on the “generate” button at the bottom of the window.
Kenwood Radio Code

It’s time for waiting! You should wait for a couple of minutes (15 minutes at the most). Then you will get a new message on your email address. In this email message, you can find your Kenwood radio code combination. Once you get it, you need to insert it manually into your locked device!

Enter Kenwood Password Combination

There are two different methods to enter Kenwood radio code! In both cases all you need to use is the front radio buttons, or display buttons on touch. The process is really simple!

If you have some older Kenwood radio model then follow the first steps guide below:

  • Press the power button at the start.
  • Once you see four zeros use the right circular button to set the first digit from the Kenwood radio code by pressing it up or down several times until you set the correct digit.
  • Once you set the first digit, press the same circular button on the right side to change the digit position from the first one to the second digit.
  • Repeat the last two steps from the entering process for all other digits.
  • Once you set all digits from the code correctly, press the same circular button to the inside part of the radio itself. Then you will see the word “approved” on the display and your device will start working!
Enter Kenwood Radio Code

If you have new model of Kenwood car radio with display on touch, then you need to follow the steps below:

  • Start by pressing the main power button.
  • The lock screen will appear along with the possibility to enter digits from 0 to 9.
  • Set the code by pressing the appropriate numbers.
  • Press the button “enter” or “ok”. Your Kenwood radio is now unlocked!

If you still have some issues with the entering procedure you can check our video tutorial below!

Keep the unlock Kenwood radio code passcode on a safe place! You never know when this combination will serve you again in the future! Be clever!


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