Don’t miss your chance to use a free Audi radio code generator! If you’re having trouble unlocking your Audi radio, don’t rush to pay someone to unlock your locked device. We are here to provide you with relevant information on how to complete the unlocking process without paying for it at all. Fortunately, there is a universal Audi radio code generator that can detect and reveal any Audi radio code for any Audi radio device.

Audi radio code

The Audi radio code is a unique password embedded in the software of each Audi radio. This is a security feature designed to deter thieves from stealing Audi radios. This process was very common in the late 1990s. Now, the thefts are in an unenviable position! Even if they steal the radio they won’t be able to use it! So why should they steal it at all?

Audi Radio Code SAFE

Therefore, in general, we can state that this security system is very useful for real owners who need to protect their property.

On the other hand, this whole security system can cause a series of inconveniences even for real Audi owners. The problem arises in that situation when the owners forget the original Audi radio code. Then, when a power outage occurs in the car, the radio’s display will ask you to enter an unlock code to gain access to its functions, and it will work.

Of course, this interruption will not happen immediately after you buy the car, but after several years, so it is very likely that you will lose the document containing this unique code. Well, if you are in this, or a similar situation, do not despair, because there is a methodology to recover your radio code for Audi radio without paying for it.

Audi Generator

To use the Audi radio code generator, you need to use all the identification details of the Audi vehicle and its radio device, as well as contact details with you personally via an email address or phone number.

In order to use the radio again you need all this information. It is precisely this information that blocks thieves, because they themselves would use a generator, but fortunately they do not have it.

Audi Serial Number

How to use Audi radio code calculator?

To successfully generate your code with the universal generator, follow these steps:

  1. First, download the Audi radio code generator on any computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop.
  2. Open the generator, just like you would open any other application or software.
  3. Enter data about VIN (click here to learn where to find your VIN), email, phone number, ZIP code, and serial number (combination) for the radio device.
  4. Perform a security check of the entered information a second and third time.
  5. Press the main button at the bottom of the page. This completing the process of officially requesting your unique Audi radio code to be delivered to your email address.

After completing the procedure, you should wait a period of time from 2 to 5 working days! In 2 to 5 days the code will be delivered to your email. Sometimes this waiting process will be much shorter, but still be mentally prepared to wait up to five business days, not including the day you submitted the request.

How to enter an Audi radio code

Although different Audi models may have different procedures for entering their radio codes, the most common procedure for entering an Audi radio code is as follows:

  • Press the main button that you normally used to turn on the radio when it was working properly. The radio will display “SAFE”.
  • Then, press the RDS and SCAN buttons simultaneously and hold them until “1000” appears on the display.
  • Start with the leftmost button (of the buttons of the same shape at the bottom of the radio device). Enter the first digit of the code. For example, if the first digit is 4, you need to press that key four times in a row.
  • With the second, third and fourth keys, enter the second, third and fourth digits of the code.
  • Once you have entered all four digits, press the RDS and SCAN buttons at the same time. Then keep them pressed for a few seconds, until your Audi radio starts working properly.
Enter Audi Radio Code

If you complete the code entry procedure correctly, the radio will unlock and start working with all its normal functionalities.

The video available below can help you with the process of entering the code. Watch the video if you have any doubts about how to complete this process.

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