Welcome to our page that will present you how to enter a Dacia Duster radio code using the correct arrangement of key presses on your radio device. This entering the correct code will allow you to set up the radio and solve your problem that does not allow you to use your own radio device located in your car. The problem is ridiculous and completely unnecessary, but this old methodology has been used to prevent theft of radio devices installed in older Dacia Duster models. Let us present you two different ways to enter your Dacia Duster radio code and unlock the radio. Continue reading the text below!

Dacia Duster Radio Code

How To Enter Dacia Duster Radio Code

Entering the Dacia Duster radio code is a very simple procedure. But sometimes users create their own wrong algorithm for entering this kind of code and that algorithm does not allow them to see the correct solution. So, to enter the code, follow the steps of the guide below!

  1. First, press the power button and turn on the radio. Four zeros will appear on the screen, the first of which is flashing.
  2. By pressing the number 1 button, set the first digit of the Dacia Duster radio code. For example, if that number is 5, you have to press the number 1 button five times!
  3. After setting the correct first digit, press the number buttons 2, 3 and 4 to set all four digits of the code.
  4. Finally, when all four digits are set correctly, press and hold the button with the number 6 (it is enough to hold the button for a few seconds).

Congratulations, once you complete the steps described above, your radio will be unlocked and up and running without any problem.

If, despite following the steps of the guide above, you still have trouble unlocking the radio, we recommend that you watch our video tutorial on entering the Dacia Duster radio code! Follow the sequence of pressing the buttons on the radio, which are shown in the video with a change of color, and you will surely enter your unique code in the correct way.

How To Find A Lost Code

What to do if you can’t find your code? What if the Dacia Duster radio code is lost forever and you can’t find it for sure. It’s simply not written on any part of your car or radio, and even your owner’s manual is lost. Don’t waste your energy on worries and worries because even in this situation there is a correct solution.

The best free method to find your lost code is to use the revolutionary free software called Dacia Duster radio code generator. Its use is described below:

  • Complete the procedure to download the software on a computer or mobile phone (we recommend using a computer).
  • Install the generator software and run it.
  • Enter the serial number data of the locked device you want to unlock and the VIN combination of the car in which the device is located.
  • Check if you have made some mistake while entering the data.
  • When you are sure that all the entered data is correct, press the “Decode” button.

Finally, your unique code will appear on your screen, in a new window. Now that you already have the right code in your possession, complete the code entry procedure and you will solve the problem once and for all.

Dacia Duster Radio Code Generator

It’s nice to memorize your radio code. This will allow you to be able to repeat the unlocking procedure again if you ever have the same problem in the future due to a change in the car battery or some unforeseen situation with the electrical installation. Thank you for your attention!


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