Online universal iPhone IMEI changer tool is the solution you should implement if you need to change the IMEI combination of your iPhone device! This tool doesn’t go into the reason why you want to change the entire identity of your iPhone, it just implements your request.

iPhone That Need IMEI Change

Changing the iPhone IMEI combination itself offers many benefits and conveniences. But we will assume that you already have a certain desire and goal for which you decided to make the change, so we will not burden you with additional information that you probably don’t even need. We will only emphasize that if you want to learn what else you can use after changing the IMEI number of your device, feel free to send us a request and our team will be of great help and explain everything you need to know!

iPhone IMEI Changer Tool

What makes the iPhone IMEI changer tool universal? You probably asked yourself this question the moment you read the title of this text. The universality of the tool refers to the fact that it covers and supports all iPhone models. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15, an older model, or a newer variant of the models already mentioned. As soon as you have the Apple logo on your phone, you can use the iPhone IMEI changer.

How To Use It

Using the iPhone IMEI changer tool is very simple. The whole procedure is described in a few simple steps below!

  1. Connect your iPhone device to a computer (Windows, MAC, Linux) using a USB connection.
  2. Run the iPhone IMEI changer software.
  3. Wait for the tool and mobile phone to sync automatically.
  4. As soon as the synchronization is successful, press the “Change IMEI” button.
  5. In the next open window, choose between two options. You can choose to have the tool automatically assign a new IMEI number or you can enter your combination. If you choose a combination yourself, you should know from the start that you will have to enter a new combination if your newly entered combination already exists in the database. Our recommendation is to choose the automatic assignment of a new IMEI number.
  6. In less than 10 seconds your phone will have a new IMEI number.

After finishing using the universal iPhone IMEI changer disconnect the mobile phone and check if by pressing *#06# you will see a new IMEI number on your screen. If after disconnecting you confirm the change, it means that everything has been completed correctly, i.e. as you wanted it to be.

Universal iPhone IMEI Changer

*For iPhone devices that have two SIM cards, the iPhone IMEI changer can simultaneously change both IMEI combinations or only one according to your desire and need!


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