Having trouble using your own Kenwood radio because it’s asking you to enter a Kenwood security code you didn’t even know existed? Tried to find such an unlock combination in your document archive that you have in the vehicle and failed? Now you’re wondering what to do so you’ve decided to use one of the internet search engines to find the most relevant information that offers a free and smooth solution to the problem you’re facing?

Kenwood Security Radio Code

There is probably a good chance that we have made a correct assessment of the current problem you are facing right? Once we know the existence of the problem, it is more than clear that we probably know the path to solving it! Trust us, it really is! You are just one step away from enjoying the music produced by your currently locked radio device again.

Kenwood Security Radio Code Calculator

To find your Kenwood security code we recommend using one of the many free Kenwood security code calculator or generators. This is a group of software that contains all possible combinations for unlocking any radio device of this type. To use the software correctly follow the few simple steps below!

  • Open the software and enter all the necessary information that the software will ask you, regarding data related to your car model and radio device.
  • After filling in all the necessary information, press the generate button and wait as long as necessary to see your radio code on the screen of the device where you have decided to use the generator.
Kenwood Security Code

Once you get the code, you’re almost done. All you have to do is enter the Kenwood security code into the locked radio device for it to start working. The video below will help you understand the order in which you need to press the buttons on the front of the radio to enter the Kenwood radio code in the correct way to get your radio up and running.

* We aim to help all car owners with locked radios! So if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t figure out what to do to get your lost Kenwood security code, then feel free to comment below with your radio serial number and we’ll try to manually generate your radio code. unlocking. After we do that successfully, you will receive that Kenwood radio code to the email address you used when entering the comment on our website.


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